About Conflict Industries

Conflict Industries was founded by Getty and Dokujisan after they met in the Nexuiz community. They both experienced a lack of organization and workflow in the processes of open source games. Those problems exist in all layers, the technology, the community and the project leadership. On the technological level, it is always very difficult to bring on new things to the project. Most game infrastructure is not well-organized, and so it requires a lot of time to know exactly what is needed and how to implement it. With Conflict Industries, we want to produce an organization which has a primary goal of supporting the development of open source games and attracting people to enjoy the process of open source development.

To achieve this, we try to target specific things which commonly fail during the evolution of an open source game project. We try to concentrate on code organization, professional hosting and backup solutions, issue tracking, wikis, and allowing game developes to integrate new content into games without having to learn a whole new set of skills. We think that it's sad to waste time while contributing to open source games due to bad organization, or a conflict with someone strongarming their ideas into the game. Giving the right value to contributions is one of our primary missions.

We want to offer these services to all open source game developers out there, and give small teams that lack infrastructure the chance to focus all their energy into making a great game. Conflict Industries can help provide a process with clear concepts about leadership and organization which help community growth. With PlayerID.net, we will provide a central authentification base for games which we hope will be used in many games, to provide lots of gamers with an easier way to test new games and gain achievements.

The combined experience which we have acquired and which allows us to do all of this is also applied to our own game development. To start, we are concentrating on the First Person Shooter genre, but we won't remain limited to that, as we also want to offer web-based open source games, as well as mobile apps. We are open to options for combining several game projects so that all can gain from the developments (coding and otherwise) of the others. Collaboration over individualism is the key.